We at Schoenfeld Brewery bring to the people of Mexico both, crisp german lagers and the malty english ales of old. In essence, we deliver exactly what the
people of Mexico demand and want. The upscale beer that they have patiently been waiting for is now here for them to enjoy!

Our beer styles are developed with only the finest grown grains and hops from the 200 year old rich farm lands of England, Germany, and Canada. The
grains are malted and kilned for a satisfying and pleasent taste in the beer.

Of the only four major "Noble Hops" known to man, we use all four of them in our craft to give the best aroma, flavor and hop character that is truly
desired by real beer connoisseurs.

We can say good things about our beer all day long... but the proof is in the final fresh brewed result. We use the finest and freshest
raw materials on the market today because we value YOU, our customer. We want to satisfy your palate with a new and refreshing
experience. So try one of our styles and see for yourself.

You will not be disappointed!

Check out our brewing process (video)



Schoenfeld Brewery


Av. Toluca 585

Mexico City



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Hazelnut & Vainilla Ale

5.3% Alc. by Vol.


An English Brown Ale style beer, with a slight aroma of hazelnut and a more pronounced of vanilla. Mahogany in color, bright and clear. It’s a beer with a fainty nutty flavor and a balanced sweet mouthfeel thanks to the natural vanilla extract. It has a perfect balance between the sweetness of the malts, and the bitterness of the English Hops.


A light beer, delicious with salads that contain nuts, seeds and fruits. It works very well with highly flavored dishes, such as Mexican mole. It is also ideal to accompany desserts with chocolate and fruits.

Deutsches Hefeweizen

4.8% Alc. by Vol.


Unfiltered gold color with a white long-lasting head. Spice essence in the aroma is traditional of Bavarian style. Low hop flavor accentuates the estery balance of clove and banana flavor. Light body beer with a little sweetness. You may want to garnish with an orange slice!


A great beer for summertime! Goes good with seafood shrimp and scallops. Fish and vegetable dishes.


4.7% Alc. by Vol.


Brilliant Straw color with a snow white creamy head. Spicy hop aroma from the noble German hops. Light body and clean crisp taste makes it a perfect and inviting drink for outside on hot days.


Delicious with tuna or chicken summer salads. Grilled ribs and lightly seasoned pork and lamb dishes or with fish.


5.2% Alc. by Vol.


Black in color with dark ruby hues. Foamy tan head and a rich roasty, smokey aroma. Has a robust coffee and caramel flavor from the malty British barley which balances the English hop character.


Roast Pork or Steak. Spicy Mexican food (The Malty character in the beer reduces the heat of the spices which makes it desirable). Grilled and smoked food. Spicy Chicken.

Pale Ale

6.4% Alc. by Vol.


Medium amber in color and off-white laceing head. Generous hop aroma and accented with toasted caramel maltiness from the crystal malts. Pleasant but balanced bitter flavor makes this a modest full-bodied English Favorite.


Well paired with sharp cheeses and guacamole in garden salads, Roasted Pork, duck and Beef Dishes. Savory Seafood. Even Cheeseburgers!


5.3% Alc. Vol.


It's an American Lager. It has a pale golden color, with a balanced aroma between the sweetness of the malt and the light spicy and floral aroma of the hops, fresh and dry flavor. A more pronounced flavor of the malt over the soft bitterness of the hops.


A perfect beer for warm and sunny days, it goes very well specially with stewed tacos, tacos al pastor, guacamole, nopal salads and ceviche.



We recommend to serve our Söhnfeld craft beers in a clean glassware, so you can appreciate the delicious aromas and flavors that make our beers so special.

Make sure that the beer is within the recommended consumption date, on the neck of the bottle you can find the expiration date.
Our beers are pasteurized making them last for longer.

The right consumption temperature varies by style, our recommendation is to drink our Söhnfeld Premium Pilsner and Señorita at 41°F;
our Söhnfeld Hazelnut & Vainilla Ale, Söhnfeld London Porter, Söhnfeld India Pale Ale and Söhnfeld Deutsches Hefeweizen at 46°F,
so you can better appreciate each unique style characteristics.

Schoenfeld Brewery is against exclusivity agreements. As a consumer, your right is to choose what beer to drink!
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